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Rand paul says the republican brand sucks

Just days after saying that the republican brand sucks, rand paul went on three sunday talk shows to double down on his criticism of the gop. A hot threesome with the slutty blonde kasorn swan.

Rand paul calls for republicans to boycott coca

Then how are we going to change the republican brand.

Republicans try pushing into democratic territory

The republican party brand sucks, republican rand paul said in detroit last week. In an exclusive interview with yahoo news, republican sen. Watching my uncle get ass fucked.

Rand paul accidentally blurted out why republicans don't like increased voter turnout

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Rand paul stumps for gop in virginia

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Fellow republicans can't stand rand paul's nsa fight

Rand paul r-ky declared on wednesday that the republican brand sucks.

Republican white house race is in full swing

Senator rand paul admits that the gop brand sucks, but is it worse than domino's pizza. Because of a perception that no one in the republican party cares.

A brand strategy for the republican party

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Rand paul explains why the gop brand sucks like domino's pizza

Fakeagent cute blonde amateur milks cock dry. How rand paul exposed a republican reversal. On the fox news rundown podcast on wednesday, republican sen.

Can rand paul save the republican party
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